An alternative to fasting might be the raw

Red onions, avocado, rocket, tomato, cilantro, olive oil, garlic, pumpkin seed oil. Mental hunger trumps physical hunger; the joy of food intake trumps physical hunger; the offerings of nature ought to trump any overindulgence on subsiding hunger. It is the refined mind, and acquiring an appreciation for the culture of eating that elevate the individual… Continue reading An alternative to fasting might be the raw

You are what you eat*

(as colorful as you eat, as vibrantly attentive as you digest. You are with certainty the freshness and the energy of what you intake, and you radiate with joy, in concordance with the discerning mind that has helped you acquire a sense of delicate taste, the very same that will impregnate your spirit to conquer… Continue reading You are what you eat*

Garlic Time

The garlic power is not new to me. For decades, it has been one of my principal elements in medicinal prevention, next to honey, onions, ginger, and lemon. I hope this picture will attract a few new individuals to the beauty and simplicity of natural health, particularly in times when the immune system and preventive… Continue reading Garlic Time

Bread — Evolution and Devolution

The inquisitive mind, the inner vision for growth and development of human kind, the inspirational spirit in all — towards gods or towards nature, and the quest for optimal maintenance of the carnal and the soul, all these have led us to find ways to dissect and compose far beyond the fruits of nature which… Continue reading Bread — Evolution and Devolution

Water to Fire

In the kitchen, I have been accused of being in my own world. The attention referred to is never to my own — if such a silly perception would ever even be possible. This attention is applied, considering the importance of the creative process, the essence of each ingredient, and the purity of the physical… Continue reading Water to Fire

the eye beholds…

Breakfast finished — Black Mission Figs, Mustard tops, ... (on a mid century Heinrich & Co Selb Bavaria plate, with a Conus aulicus print.) Everything begins in the mind. Yet, the eye is a crucial conduit, imparting joy, or warning to mind, stomach, soul... When the eye beholds beauty, be it within a given context,… Continue reading the eye beholds…

The Fig — a miniature constant

A ficus carica is a plant that carries the fruit known as the common fig. In the History of our civilizations, it was one of the earlier fruit trees to be cultivated. To humankind, its leaves may have served as the very first bikini. Ficus carica Linnaeus Long ago, before being considered the poor man's… Continue reading The Fig — a miniature constant

Love in the Times of Corona

(and I do hope that Gabriel García Márquez will excuse the misquotation) Wash your hands / keep social distance / wear a mask / don’t make me wear a mask / protest rulings / inject bleach / take hydroxychloroquine / wait for vaccines / don’t ever make me take a vaccine ... It saddens me… Continue reading Love in the Times of Corona

Deconstructing Guacamole

Creativity is a marvel. Manifested in works of countless musicians, painters, writers, builders, culinarians, dancers, etc., it is our constant inspiration. Besides the personal creations by hundreds of thousands throughout the history of mankind, we also benefit from products collectively created by cultural units. Science, too, is a marvel, sometimes igniting creativity, other times becoming… Continue reading Deconstructing Guacamole