A Handwriting Celebration

A Brief History of Penmanship on National Handwriting Day By JENNIE COHENUpdated AUG 22, 2018 / original: JAN 23, 2012 Borrowing aspects of the Etruscan alphabet, the ancient Romans were among the first to develop a written script for transactions and correspondence. By the fifth century A.D. it included early versions of lowercase letters and… Continue reading A Handwriting Celebration

Wiener Schmäh, the mindset

Once more, this morning I sensed that impulse in the mindset of freezing frames, commonly known as photographing. Simultaneously, I was overwhelmed by the thought of delighting in the air of the city of Vienna. Not precisely to relive what the Viennese take pleasure in with their palate but rather to set myself in their… Continue reading Wiener Schmäh, the mindset

Childhood outside the box

Somewhat obscure, cloudy, is the childhood memory of a sweet dish which was always served in accompaniment, never as a piece for focus. The inner skin of grapefruits (oranges or limes, too) would be cocked for hours with spices and sugar, until it became syrup. Another memory is of a more common, children’s joy, namely,… Continue reading Childhood outside the box

“Wednesday Woman” coming soon!

To shine the light on women who for centuries have influenced, caressed, and inspired with music, words, and thoughts, Wednesday Woman is a new weekly series on Clubhouse, at The Aristipposian Poet Club. Herewith you are invited to the first rooms, dedicated to the following women: NOVEMBER3. Lili Boulanger —- composer, *Aug 21 189310. Fanny… Continue reading “Wednesday Woman” coming soon!

An evolutionary observation (with a twist)

Over centuries, plants developed the ability to build defenses that would make it unpleasant for the surrounding living creatures to eat them. Those are the herbs and spices in which we find great pleasure today. Those are the same repellents that help us as preventive medicine and cure today. Did we learn to master fire… Continue reading An evolutionary observation (with a twist)

The Soul is unbound

Livingston Platt’s costume design for the ballet “The Dance in Place Congo” (1918), by Henry F. Gilbert (1868 – 1928) — Met Archives Ever since we have been traveling this globe, our exposure to the exotic or merely to the other (individual, culture, tradition, belief), has left us impressed, influenced, at least touched. Henry F.… Continue reading The Soul is unbound

The Surreal Suppers — India, Music, Food, Health (part one)

India — Music, Food, Health was the third episode of the Surreal Suppers, an ongoing series in the Aristipposian Poet club on the Clubhouse app.The AP club was formed to promote a variety of activities that are to focus on the importance of humans serving humanity through the noble act of being hospitable by sharing… Continue reading The Surreal Suppers — India, Music, Food, Health (part one)