Drink Matters

All my life I have been aware of reasons why individuals and societies turn to inebriating drinks. Mostly there are those looking to underline a state of joy and relaxation, and those wanting to subdue the state they are in. A gathered few might come up with a longer list, or subdivisions to the intention.Some… Continue reading Drink Matters

Memory after forgetting

Back in the kitchen, after an hour at the food market, the ingredients were all mixed, resting in the oven, not yet warmed by the heat. On my way upstairs, I spotted the corn cob in its silks and skins, resting on the table. It is likely that it would have been photographed, and the… Continue reading Memory after forgetting

A side of coffee

Its leaves were anciently prepared as wine, its fruit as infusion, and the seeds have been roasted and brewed for centuries. Yet, I still like what it offers as spice out of the mortar. The sudden idea was to make a portrait out of a single coffee seed. It came as I prepared for my… Continue reading A side of coffee

While preparing for a fine rant on coffee

Throughout the world, the wondrous coffee is being celebrated this week. Different countries are honoring the plant, the fruit, the seed, the drink. As this is a product that has been in my mind and palate for some decades, I will be doing a fine rant on Clubhouse in its honor. And while preparing, I… Continue reading While preparing for a fine rant on coffee

Mistake turned lesson

There is something strange about the concept of “mastering”. Being a genius might even be more conclusive than mastering something. Genius sounds more open to wonder, more dynamic, while mastering anything will not exclude a further improvement, or a mistake, or failure, thus a “master” remains questionable. The twist of going with beetroot instead of… Continue reading Mistake turned lesson

Why do we eat? Why personification? Why Avocado?

Camera: Sigma DP2 Merrill Astonishment was my first love. Indeed, this is merely a claim but it may be easily substantiated, even beyond experience as a single individual. After all, is singularity even possible when a thought can not be exclusively that of a single human? A much more popular claim is that of music… Continue reading Why do we eat? Why personification? Why Avocado?