Perhaps never before, or possibly a few times already

…but it is very likely that this has no regular tradition, or common constant joy in any part of planet earth. The idea of grated raw beetroot, as “sauce” with which to eat spaghetti, does not seem like a common part of any cuisine. However, as of today I know that it looks beautiful, and… Continue reading Perhaps never before, or possibly a few times already

Soft against hard may be in agreement

The gentleness of an avocado, next to a subtle cream-stuffed mozzarella, drizzled with a robust olive oil and fresh garlic. Not many edibles are as brutal as fresh garlic. Yet, this contrast is worth repeating. Some opposites marry better than merely attract.

About my first cheese risotto

On a week in particular I went on a cheesy shopping spree. Now I realize that my eating ways since Indonesia have let this cheese array resting longer than I had imagined possible. To address the situation, what better than a cheese risotto? Today it was the usual Parmesan, plus these… Cambozola Black Label (bottom),… Continue reading About my first cheese risotto