An avocado portrait epitomizing the primitive

Hardly any other fruit epitomizes the past, like the avocado. Giant mammals delighted on these fruits millennia ago, bitting them directly from the trees where they grow in pairs. Growing in pairs appears to be the reason they are called avocados, from the Nahuatl word for testicles. Persea americana Miller

Some thoughts develop quickly into a sudden story

a beautiful lettuce head awaitsan avocado awaits imagined raw white asparagus with olive oilthought of colors: purple, green, whiteimagined the view on a plate where the colors and shapes are clearly denoted by sectionsthough I extremely seldom make sauces and dressings, I dressing seemed needed, wantedblue cheese, olive oil, scallions, and small prosciutto chunks —… Continue reading Some thoughts develop quickly into a sudden story

On a somewhat guacamole way

In given amounts and ratio, ingredients will yield culturally expected results. And yet, they remain their own essence, and a greatness in food and the palate experience is that a culture may dictate on a certain dish, and the individual may be a scientific or creative visionary but each ingredient its independent dimension. Tomato, avocado,… Continue reading On a somewhat guacamole way