Separatist Meal (Chickpeas)

Focus has been comfortably a thing of mine — not as a concept one reasons into place, rather a mindset that apparently naturally finds itself in a center.This “separatism” can be seen as an aesthetic but also spiritual exercise aimed at displaying focus, and auto-feeding from it.These chickpeas were soaked overnight, and slow-cooked with a… Continue reading Separatist Meal (Chickpeas)

First coffee breakfast

With the second to last piece of the half blueberry half basil cornbread (artisan cup by Ulrike Magdalena Streit, and Japanese ceramic)

From Rags to Riches – A Fashion Misinterpretation

Upon the return of an old Japanese soul to planet earth, if it were to find itself on the western hemisphere — midtown Manhattan, Milan or in a secluded town of Minnesota — watching a multitude of individuals wearing torn jeans and seeing these garment pieces in store windows with similar or even more expensive… Continue reading From Rags to Riches – A Fashion Misinterpretation