While preparing for a fine rant on coffee

Throughout the world, the wondrous coffee is being celebrated this week. Different countries are honoring the plant, the fruit, the seed, the drink. As this is a product that has been in my mind and palate for some decades, I will be doing a fine rant on Clubhouse in its honor. And while preparing, I… Continue reading While preparing for a fine rant on coffee

Medicine with a mild Blueberry sweetness added

Avocado is an elegant base. Elegant in taste, nothing explosive to the palate. It is specific in flavor, yet mild. Beyond matters of flavor, it is understood as nutritionally rich, with healthy fats, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.All this gets a boost with garlic. This aggressive natural compound of flavor and medicinal properties has been… Continue reading Medicine with a mild Blueberry sweetness added

An avocado portrait epitomizing the primitive

Hardly any other fruit epitomizes the past, like the avocado. Giant mammals delighted on these fruits millennia ago, bitting them directly from the trees where they grow in pairs. Growing in pairs appears to be the reason they are called avocados, from the Nahuatl word for testicles. Persea americana Miller

Two Blueberry-Basil Cornbread ends — one end is the end, another end is the beginning

For the first time, today I decided to put the small piece left from the last baked bread on a plate for breakfast, as well as the first slice of the newly baked one. Not a large breakfast. Just the conscientious mindset, wanting to enjoy freshness, without discarding of the not so fresh. These are… Continue reading Two Blueberry-Basil Cornbread ends — one end is the end, another end is the beginning

Moods around a reduced fig

The figs were bought for the fact that they are figs. What to do with them, and how to prepare them, that was secondary. A couple of days ago they were on my plate as a contrast to the polish sausage, after being in a long heat bath with spices until the vodka was reduced.… Continue reading Moods around a reduced fig