Have we missed something important?

- Johan? Have we missed something important? - All of us? - No, you and I. - What would that be? - At times I can read your mind, and I feel such tenderness that I forget myself. Without having to efface myself. It's a new sensation. Do you understand. - I understand. - Johan?… Continue reading Have we missed something important?


Asking a friend with experience and knowledge on fields of investment, where would he suggest a person to focus who has never invested before, he quickly answered: “Invest in yourself” Weeks ago I heard from another friend: “There is no self” I am now left with the further expansion of being, allowing more to be… Continue reading Self

In joy and duty of the little we know

Clubhouse Notes Room: “Which tools are missing in how we activate knowledge?”Moderators: Ni’coel Stark, Deborah ChiDate: June 19 2021 Understand the reason for acquiring knowledge — to be sharedBe creative in sharing knowledge effectivelyPut it on the table, play with it, visibly (e.g. in conversation)

Celebrate, do not Subside (an event on Clubhouse)

It is boiling within me; it is what sharpens my tongue, ears, memory, vision; it is what propels me to create — daily. Which is the mindset that carries us into deciding where to buy edibles, which to buy, how to prepare them, and how to eat them? Today I will be discussing these views… Continue reading Celebrate, do not Subside (an event on Clubhouse)

Blindness, Incompletion, and Wisdom — Tchaikovsky’s Opera “Iolanta” [Event]

Born blind, Princess Iolanta lives protected from the outside world, while unaware of her impairment — until love reveals her limitations. Join Sila Blume to discuss incompleteness, and wisdom, based on Peter I. Tchaikovsky’s last opera, on Thursday, March 4 2021, at 4:30 pm EST, in Clubhouse. Please, go to https://www.joinclubhouse.com/event/MzapOQZp Tchaikovsky, Iolanta (Melodiya USSR… Continue reading Blindness, Incompletion, and Wisdom — Tchaikovsky’s Opera “Iolanta” [Event]

From Flower to Flower

a conversation excerpt - 10.3.2020 Beauty aplenty!  Everywhere, on every level  inanimate and lively still and torrential light and heavy And I always have this urge to dissect and experiment with what I am, with what I witness around me — food, music, thoughts turned words, words turned thoughts Relaying, relating, relationships, conversations  All make… Continue reading From Flower to Flower

When a Day foretells itself in Absence

Coffee and Cornbread breakfast, in preparation for a Parsifal day. That was the Richard Wagner week. The New York Metropolitan Opera streamed some of his masterpieces on a daily basis. Today I will be delighting in yesterday’s streaming of Parsifal. Knowing the schedule in advance, has allowed me to prepare each day accordingly, more or… Continue reading When a Day foretells itself in Absence

In Conversation — Either Or

Silent, Darryl and I sat in front of Justin. At any cigar Lounge I have visited, we often sit in silence. Wherever individuals congregate, silence is crucial. The mind needs it. The soul needs it. But congregating, as well as the presence of inquisitive minds, is never truly about silence. As enjoyable and as needed… Continue reading In Conversation — Either Or