The Life You Give: Charlie Chaplin *1889

Charlie Chaplin, byname of Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, (born April 16, 1889, London, England—died December 25, 1977, Corsier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland), British comedian, producer, writer, director, and composer who is widely regarded as the greatest comic artist of the screen and one of the most important figures in motion-picture history.Early life and careerChaplin was named after his… Continue reading The Life You Give: Charlie Chaplin *1889

The Life You Give: Akira Kurosawa *1910

Kurosawa Akira, born March 23, 1910, in Tokyo, Japan, was the first Japanese film director to win international acclaim, with such films as Rashomon (1950), Ikiru (1952), Seven Samurai (1954), Throne of Blood (1957), Kagemusha (1980), and Ran (1985). Kurosawa’s father, who had once been an army officer, was a teacher who contributed to the… Continue reading The Life You Give: Akira Kurosawa *1910


I suspect there is a level of being overwhelmed by the thought of painting on a canvas which leads me to using cameras. Similarly there may be some level of bravery in living life which relaxes me, and persuades me increasingly to write as purely as possible — pure of mind in depth, and pure… Continue reading Manufaktum

The Life You Give: Jim Jarmush *1953

Jim Jarmusch, born January 22, 1953, in Akron, Ohio, is the director and screenwriter whose darkly humorous tone and transcendence of genre conventions established him as a major independent filmmaker.Jarmusch studied at Columbia University and at New York University Film School, where he directed his first feature-length film, Permanent Vacation (1980; released 1986). His next… Continue reading The Life You Give: Jim Jarmush *1953

The Life You Give: David Lynch *1946

David Lynch, born David Keith Lynch on January 20 1946 in Missoula, Montana, U.S.A., is the filmmaker and screenwriter known for his uniquely disturbing and mind-bending visual work. His films juxtapose the cheerfully mundane with the shockingly macabre and often defy explanation.Lynch’s father was a research scientist with the U.S. Forest Service, and the family… Continue reading The Life You Give: David Lynch *1946

The Life You Give: Jean-Luc Godard *1930

Jean-Luc Godard, born December 3, 1930, Paris, France, is a French Swiss film director who came to prominence with the New Wave group in France during the late 1950s and the ’60s. Early life and career Godard’s first feature film, À bout de souffle (1960; Breathless), which was produced by François Truffaut, his colleague on… Continue reading The Life You Give: Jean-Luc Godard *1930

Wordy Men

Happy Birthday to these men of words, born on a 24th of August Jorge Luis Borges, 1899 Paulo Coelho, 1947 Stephen Fry, 1957 Dave Chappelle, 1973 Join us at the Birthday & Celebration Club, on Clubhouse — August 24, at 1pm EST.

Testing Detest — the inexplicable foe-to-friend metamorphosis

Friendship beds vary. A friendship may develop in a variety of ways and for various reasons, reaching different intensities. Some come subdued and ever so slowly, others are sudden shivering manifestations. While some are a smooth sail, others are tested and challenged for survival through time and situation. Generally, they all arise out of mutual… Continue reading Testing Detest — the inexplicable foe-to-friend metamorphosis

Anthem / Himnon— a film by Elad Keidan

Amnon woke up, not to a bright new morning but wanting to end his life. The smell of someone’s coffee came through his window and awoke excitement in him, so he began to brew his own. Nearing dusk, in a residential part of Jerusalem, the camera movement mirrors emptiness. Single cars drive up and down… Continue reading Anthem / Himnon— a film by Elad Keidan