Have we missed something important?

– Johan? Have we missed something important?

– All of us?

– No, you and I.

– What would that be?

– At times I can read your mind, and I feel such tenderness that I forget myself. Without having to efface myself. It’s a new sensation. Do you understand.

– I understand.

– Johan? Sometimes it grieves me that I have never loved anyone. I do not think I have ever been loved either. That distresses me.

– Now you are being dramatic.

– Am I?

– I know what I feel. I love you in my selfish way. And I think you love me in your fussy, pestering way. We love each other in an earthly and imperfect way. But you are so demanding.

– I am.

– But here I am, in the middle of the night, without much fanfare, in a dark house somewhere in the world, sitting with my arms around you. And your arms are around me. I am not the most compassionate of men.

– No, you are not.

– I do not seem to have the imagination for it.

– No, you are rather unimganitaive.

– I do not know what my love looks like, and I can not describe it. Most of the time I can not feel it.

= And you rally think I love you too?

– Yes, I do.But if we harp on it, our love will evaporate.

– Let us sit like this all night.

– Oh, no, let us not.

– No?

– One leg is gone to sleep, my left arm is practically dislocated, I am sleepy, and my back is cold.

– Then let us snuggle down.

– Yes, let us.

Marianne and Johan
Last scene in "Scenes of a Marriage - Episode 6
Irmgard Bergman

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