pinna this!

pinna, auricle, outer ear pinna - noun pin·na | \ ˈpi-nə \plural pinnae\ ˈpi-ˌnē, -ˌnī \ or pinnas• a projecting body part (such as a feather, wing, or fin)• the largely cartilaginous projecting portion of the external ear• conducive to the inner ear, in which, with the judgment of other body parts — in flesh… Continue reading pinna this!

Wordy Men

Happy Birthday to these men of words, born on a 24th of August Jorge Luis Borges, 1899 Paulo Coelho, 1947 Stephen Fry, 1957 Dave Chappelle, 1973 Join us at the Birthday & Celebration Club, on Clubhouse — August 24, at 1pm EST.

Happy Birthday, Tori Amos! 1963

It’s not my job to understand the impact [my music] has had. That’s for those who track that and document that. I have to stay present with this work. Because that work is done. And it will either live on, and it’s either been part of the conversation or inspired somebody or it hasn’t. I… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Tori Amos! 1963

“the usual rilke” by Ernst Jandl

Translation from the German by Joshua Weiner rilke’s separationthe unusual rilkeand the usual rilkeare stuck in their samenessthe unusual rilkeand the usual rilkewould have stayed togetherthe unusual rilkeand the usual rilkewould have to separatethe unusual rilkeand the usual rilkeboth knew it rilke’s breath 1rilkebreathedthe airthe good air 2rilkebreathedwithout pause rilke’s noseentrance and exitof the airit… Continue reading “the usual rilke” by Ernst Jandl

The beautiful thing about Beauty

It grows more, more often, and with more consistency than it dies. Celebrate! July celebrations on Clubhouse: 1 July 1804 George Sand — French novelist7 July 1860 Gustav Mahler — Austrian composer6 July 1887 Marc Chagall — French painter 10 July 1895 Carl Orff — German composer 6 July 1907 Frida Kahlo — Mexican painter18… Continue reading The beautiful thing about Beauty

Happy Birthday, Frida Kahlo!

Celebrate with us the life of who remains a popular and impressive figure, appreciated for her presence, as woman, as artist, even today — seven decades after her death. The painter Frida Kahlo was born Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón, on July 6 1907, in Coyoacán, Mexico. Join us in celebration of her wonderful… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Frida Kahlo!

In joy and duty of the little we know

Clubhouse Notes Room: “Which tools are missing in how we activate knowledge?”Moderators: Ni’coel Stark, Deborah ChiDate: June 19 2021 Understand the reason for acquiring knowledge — to be sharedBe creative in sharing knowledge effectivelyPut it on the table, play with it, visibly (e.g. in conversation)