Wordy Men

Happy Birthday to these men of words, born on a 24th of August Jorge Luis Borges, 1899 Paulo Coelho, 1947 Stephen Fry, 1957 Dave Chappelle, 1973 Join us at the Birthday & Celebration Club, on Clubhouse — August 24, at 1pm EST.

My Enlightenment Period — thank you, and happy birthday, Peter Gabriel!

The 1980s were my enlightening period; they were the moment in which I took the corset off which was to support my spine, my goals and vision, protect my soul, guide and nourish me — the Christian view of life. Without the mildest clue of how I was to walk, breathe, project or hope in… Continue reading My Enlightenment Period — thank you, and happy birthday, Peter Gabriel!

Journal Notes / February 12 2021

Observing individuals and groups around me as an infant, a young child, an adolescent, and into different adulthood phases, many have supported what I have been. Constantly reading my surroundings, I felt carried, either onto the paths I saw as proper and safe or away from those I thought to be detrimental.  Recalling the personalities… Continue reading Journal Notes / February 12 2021