The songs that had never been, suddenly are, and existed only once

I know a world I do not knowIt impulses in me melodies I do not knowwhich I gently succumb to and the singing begins—- at homeon the streetin a wagonI sing as if delighting on a classic of yesteryear though the tune and its rhythm have never existed before deliveranceIn Melody and rhythm, it carries… Continue reading The songs that had never been, suddenly are, and existed only once


There is a joy in those things allowing us to create (or embody a thought, or turn an idea into a fruit which may bring about other fruits). There is joy in contemplating these complex or simple instruments, even in their passive state. A piano, a cello, the skin on a drum, the texture of… Continue reading Graphite

Journal Notes / February 12 2021

Observing individuals and groups around me as an infant, a young child, an adolescent, and into different adulthood phases, many have supported what I have been. Constantly reading my surroundings, I felt carried, either onto the paths I saw as proper and safe or away from those I thought to be detrimental.  Recalling the personalities… Continue reading Journal Notes / February 12 2021