Some thoughts develop quickly into a sudden story

a beautiful lettuce head awaitsan avocado awaits imagined raw white asparagus with olive oilthought of colors: purple, green, whiteimagined the view on a plate where the colors and shapes are clearly denoted by sectionsthough I extremely seldom make sauces and dressings, I dressing seemed needed, wantedblue cheese, olive oil, scallions, and small prosciutto chunks —… Continue reading Some thoughts develop quickly into a sudden story

One beautiful result to the manipulation of man

As impressed as the old school mind is with the concept of manufacturing in the true sense of the word, not everything that man touches is touched for the better. However, man’s way of putting his hand in the growing process of the Asparagus officinalis Linnaeus, results in one beauty to the palate in particular.… Continue reading One beautiful result to the manipulation of man

Yet another comfort state — fine tobacco, a coffee, and some classical music considerations

Princess House ashtray, a Padrón, handmade ceramic by Ulrike Magdalena Streit, vintage St. Gallen place mat

Repetition is a form of change

The past, and the next second, the experience, and the hunger, joy, and its intermittent absence, everything, everything seems to be the resilience which demands repetition, not to preserve life but to live it — in composed sounds, in uttered words and their placement, in the gentle push to invest mind, spirit, and flesh, even… Continue reading Repetition is a form of change