Journal Notes / February 12 2021

Observing individuals and groups around me as an infant, a young child, an adolescent, and into different adulthood phases, many have supported what I have been. Constantly reading my surroundings, I felt carried, either onto the paths I saw as proper and safe or away from those I thought to be detrimental. 

Recalling the personalities I have observed in public life, some have supported me in a similar manner. However, others shook me. They revealed doors along the way which showed me a world outside of my world, different thinking patterns, exciting possibilities, unlikely realities, and spheres that transcend what I am, physically, mentally, spiritually. Those are doors which, had I not seen them, my life would eventually conclude as a lesser one.

For the longest time I have seen the concept of time as an illusion, a useless focus, a detour to action and movement, a deterrence from being. But two musical minds built action and movement as intricate tunnels, broad highways, and open spherical spaces. These offer rhythm and layers as intricate, percussive, spiritual and physical protrusion, and lead towards a contemporaneous and transcendental being:

Johann Sebastian Bach (March 21 1685 – July 28 1750)

Philip Glass (*January 31 1937)

Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (April 1 1755 – February 2 1826)

This lawyer, judge, politician, violinist, and scientist, penned The Physiology of Taste, which is still seen as the gastronomy bible. Through him I began considering how hunger may be a primal animalistic need but that it ought to be a crucial layer in understanding the nobility of being. Eating is not merely a need but an intrinsic luxury in being.

Agnes Martin (March 22 1912 – December 16 2004)

Her analytical paintings are soothing, simple, minimalistic complexities.

David Bowie (January 8 1947 – January 10 2016)

A human chameleon, with a rich and complex humane soul, the voice of an angel, vibrant intellectual and creative spirit, Bowie understood how to combine pop culture with visions of a better, more exquisite, more intelligent, more unique but responsible life.

Nelson Mandela (July 18 1918 – December 5 2013)

While in a distant world to mine, he left me forever with the most important mindset I could ever apply to the political, social and spiritual lives in which we soar and dive — no retaliation.

Alan Watts (January 6 1915 – November 16 1973)

A man of humor, relaxed and friendly in wisdom who challenged everyone into the freedom of knowing.

Dave Chapelle (*August 24 1973)

Robin Williams (July 21 1951 – August 11 2014)

Especially with these men, comedy is the result of bright intellect and daring playfulness, enabling us to learn more, while laughing even more.

Journal Notes @ Clubhouse App: Superlative Club, February 12 2021

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