My Enlightenment Period — thank you, and happy birthday, Peter Gabriel!

The 1980s were my enlightening period; they were the moment in which I took the corset off which was to support my spine, my goals and vision, protect my soul, guide and nourish me — the Christian view of life.

Without the mildest clue of how I was to walk, breathe, project or hope in the immediate and farther future without it, life continued to happen, and the enlightenment began immediately.

My ears witnessed unimaginable worlds. Musically, it was a decade of pure implosion and explosion.

Karlheinz Stockhausen, Einstürzende Neubauten, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Harry Partch, Conlon Nancarow, John Cage, Benjamin Britten, Laurie Anderson, Meredith Monk, King Crimson, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, Test Department, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Gentle Giant, etc. — all came to my ears for the first time.

One amongst them impressed me in particular, as the theatrical frontman to Genesis, and as a solo performer. His voice, his topics, his presence, his rhythms, lyrics, and his involvement in the importance of the human race, added beauty and intelligence to my being.

On a day like today, February 13 of 1950, Peter (Brian) Gabriel was born in Chobham, Surrey, England.

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