Crying at Sunset

Life at sunset likes to bring tears — to the horizon, and to the sun self On the cheeks of the sun setting, they flow differently than on those of them looking at suns setting.Near and far aroundthe horizon turns numb,encapsulated in the sensation of the ceasing of beauty of that sun, or in the… Continue reading Crying at Sunset

o·blige /əˈblīj/

An obligation has a source. It may be an internal power, it may be an external one. Ideally, having and feeling obliged ought to be from an internal standpoint, as the character wants standing purity in being self. That which I do wishes to coincide with what is expected of me by my peers and… Continue reading o·blige /əˈblīj/

Currently — again — bathing… in definitions; soaking in their sounds, concepts, illusions, imposed realities: “labour”, “work”, “being”…

Soaking — not absorbing (Chapter 6 — on the origin of spices)

Weekly Woman: Sofia Gubaidulina — composer

Sofia Gubaidulina *1931, Russian composer, whose works fuse Russian and Central Asian regional styles with the Western classical tradition. The Aristipposian Poet presentsWeekly Woman: Sofia GubaidulinaNovember 25 at 9pm ESTon Clubhouse During her youth, Gubaidulina studied music in the city of Kazan, the capital of her home republic. She had lessons at the Kazan Music… Continue reading Weekly Woman: Sofia Gubaidulina — composer

Creativity amidst destruction

To employ a spice is to ignore nature's admonishments. We humans intentionally gather plants with high concentrations of defensive chemicals or warning aromas and add them to our food, typically in small doses. The Chemicals associated with the bitter tastes of dandelions and dill, for example, are poisons. The fragrant aromas of garlic, mint, thyme,… Continue reading Creativity amidst destruction

There is the Human, and there is the Self

There is the human spirit - resiliance - perseverance - love - inclusion - survival a common intrinsic energy, from all directions, and in all directions. And there is the self - with an edge - imagining outside the box - with inner joy - with inner want - with inner universes - each potentially… Continue reading There is the Human, and there is the Self


If you can’t sing, sing. If you’re happy, sing. When you are sad, sing. Whenever you are confused, sing. If you are angry, sing. If confused, sing. If you want to be in happiness, sing. Sing your heart out. Sing your mind out. Sing your insecurity out, sing your confidence out. If you wish to… Continue reading Sing

Deliciousness makes us human

Once upon a time we ate raw, then we cooked. Later on we began adding herbs, spices, parts of flowers, seeds, and other tiny parts of nature to our food. Our palate and our knowledge expanded as a result. It is this expansion and refinement on basic products that made us the demanding and complex… Continue reading Deliciousness makes us human