Crying at Sunset

Life at sunset likes to bring tears
— to the horizon, and to the sun self

On the cheeks of the sun setting, they flow differently than on those of them looking at suns setting.

Near and far around
the horizon turns numb,
encapsulated in the sensation of the ceasing of beauty of that sun,
or in the thought of the end of a wonder which wanted yet completion

The sun self may contemplate life as it has revealed itself
—- Beautifully
Those about the sun feel in what they saw from that sun,
and sadden by the thought of it ceasing.

The sun self
also the sun may know tears
but those flowing in the beauty within the self, and aware of surrounding angles, yearning to stay

The sun thinks,
Beauty can not cease
Will not cease
this sun does not wish to set

Such are the tears of any crying one who smiles
In tears
Wanting to set as sail
not as sun

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