Crying at Sunset

Life at sunset likes to bring tears — to the horizon, and to the sun self On the cheeks of the sun setting, they flow differently than on those of them looking at suns setting.Near and far aroundthe horizon turns numb,encapsulated in the sensation of the ceasing of beauty of that sun, or in the… Continue reading Crying at Sunset

Celebration Day — twenty-five

Crying is truthUnexplainable TrueJust entered a room where Japanese are speakingSomething draws me to all things JapanFor yearsI listen — tones, laughs, an energy I do not understand—- listeningJust being there touched meCultures are a wonder, even before being understoodAttentive understandingor attentive without understandingA wonderBeing is trueAttentive being If you ask where tears come fromand… Continue reading Celebration Day — twenty-five