Ellen Taaffe Zwilich *IV 30 1939 (composer) — The Life You Give

Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, born April 30, 1939 in Miami, Florida, U.S.A., is a composer, and the first woman to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize in composition.Taaffe began composing as a child, and, by the time she finished high school, she had studied piano, violin, and trumpet. After receiving both a bachelor’s (1960) and a master’s… Continue reading Ellen Taaffe Zwilich *IV 30 1939 (composer) — The Life You Give

Weekly Woman & Virtuous Black VI: Florence Price, composer

Florence Beatrice Price, born on April 9 of 1887 in Little a rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas, USA, is the first black woman in the United States to have been recognized as a symphonic composer. Even though her training was steeped in European tradition, Price’s music consists of mostly the American idiom and reveals her Southern… Continue reading Weekly Woman & Virtuous Black VI: Florence Price, composer

Weekly Woman: Gloria Coates *1938

An American composer who has made her career for the most part in Germany, Gloria Coates was born in Wisconsin in 1938. As a child, she sang on local radio and in her early teens, she took top honors at a National Federation of Music Clubs Composition Contest. This girl from rural Wisconsin headed over… Continue reading Weekly Woman: Gloria Coates *1938

Weekly Woman: Sofia Gubaidulina — composer

Sofia Gubaidulina *1931, Russian composer, whose works fuse Russian and Central Asian regional styles with the Western classical tradition. The Aristipposian Poet presentsWeekly Woman: Sofia GubaidulinaNovember 25 at 9pm ESTon Clubhouse During her youth, Gubaidulina studied music in the city of Kazan, the capital of her home republic. She had lessons at the Kazan Music… Continue reading Weekly Woman: Sofia Gubaidulina — composer