“Black Man”

First man to dieFor the flag we now hold high [Crispus Attucks]Was a black manThe ground were we standWith the flag held in our handWas first the red man'sGuide of a shipOn the first Columbus trip [Pedro Alonzo Nino]Was a brown manThe railroads for trainsCame on tracking that was laidBy the yellow manWe pledge allegianceAll… Continue reading “Black Man”

“When the music’s over”

When the music's overWhen the music's over, yeahTurn out the lightsTurn out the lightsFor the music is your special friendDance on fire as it intendsMusic is your only friendUntil the endUntil the endCancel my subscription to the resurrectionSend my credentials to the house of detentionI got some friends insideThe face in the mirror won't stopThe… Continue reading “When the music’s over”

“Horse Latitudes”

Happy Birthday, Jim Morrison! —December8 1949 When the still sea conspires an armorAnd her sullen and aborted currentsBreed tiny monstersTrue sailing is deadAwkward instantAnd the first animal is jettisonedLegs furiously pumpingTheir stiff green gallopAnd heads bob upPoiseDelicatePauseConsentIn mute nostril agonyCarefully refinedAnd sealed over Written by Jim Morrison and John Paul Densmore

The songs that had never been, suddenly are, and existed only once

I know a world I do not knowIt impulses in me melodies I do not knowwhich I gently succumb to and the singing begins—- at homeon the streetin a wagonI sing as if delighting on a classic of yesteryear though the tune and its rhythm have never existed before deliveranceIn Melody and rhythm, it carries… Continue reading The songs that had never been, suddenly are, and existed only once

Love Beholding Hearts do not Break

An eye spots a flowerrecognizes beautyabsorbsheart and mind absorb free of expectations (Why ever expect anything, when the presence of beauty is a gift in itself)One deep lookand all the world is those petalsthe universe that flower Just the sameonce an eye recognizes beauty in a human flowerexpectations arrive deadThe absorption is deepPure joyThe same… Continue reading Love Beholding Hearts do not Break

Green Grass on Mud

Still some sweet ones walk my way,still some offer - I must say.Love and kindness run their veins,few but there to care.Still some sweet ones gather 'roundstill some share their ups and downs Some will give you all their hearts,yet, expect no change.Still some sweet ones call you ‘Dear',still some make hate disappear.Some will ask… Continue reading Green Grass on Mud