Out of the mouths of many beings in transition — coming out of their hearts or out of their intellect — I hear that surrendering happens in the moment of doubt, tribulation, in the face of difficulties. This notion makes me doubt two things: —- that acceptance, surrendering, or giving in completely onto life, is… Continue reading Surrender

Languid to Love

Languid are these men. It is in their nature, in their cultural molds of pride, in their balsam baths of faith which relax hair, bone, and soul, some being anointed the very first days with holy water. It is in their social frame, be it high, or peasantry, blue in blood, or in collar, where… Continue reading Languid to Love

Bread — Evolution and Devolution

The inquisitive mind, the inner vision for growth and development of human kind, the inspirational spirit in all — towards gods or towards nature, and the quest for optimal maintenance of the carnal and the soul, all these have led us to find ways to dissect and compose far beyond the fruits of nature which… Continue reading Bread — Evolution and Devolution

Attitude, behavior, position of the body proper to or implying an action or mental state, frame of mind, way of thinking, way of looking, school of thought.

Young man with pipe, reading at Nat Sherman, Manhattan, New York


Creativity is of the infinite spirit — the godself. Professed by any one self or claimed by others, being creative is an existential tendency of inner obligation to express the envisioned, to be persuaded to contribute to betterment, growth, elevation, purification, or acceleration and retracted observation. To create is to admit the impossibility of an… Continue reading godself

License to a Kill

This is a concept perpetuated by those humans who do not recognize that the -ing form in human being is an imposed conjugation which even Shakespeare avoided in his existential question. Religions claim it, cultures implement it. Some individuals may carry but out of cancerous arrogance, forgetting that cancer tends to eat its own. It… Continue reading License to a Kill

Man and Flower

With a work I created for an exhibition at the Galerie Joachim Blüher (Cologne, Germany) in the mid 1990s, the interest for questions on human existence was revived. Blüher invited me to participate in a group exhibition he was preparing on the topic of flowers. My initial reaction was reluctance towards making flowers but I… Continue reading Man and Flower