An Introspective Question

I drive, and drive, towards knowing truth, wanting to understand the inner desire to uncover truth. I contemplate her, and him, those beautiful souls in the bodies of my own blood who I saw and touched as they arrived. And I equally accept, and bathe in the mere joy of their existence, simply so, abstaining… Continue reading An Introspective Question

I am seeing a wise infant

Seeing light at the end of a tunnel gives hope but no clarity. Is a train coming? Is the light mere reflection? Is it an opening leading to rescue, success, freedom, an abyss? Is it an opening, or an obstacle? Some are now seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. But after an… Continue reading I am seeing a wise infant

Bread — Evolution and Devolution

The inquisitive mind, the inner vision for growth and development of human kind, the inspirational spirit in all — towards gods or towards nature, and the quest for optimal maintenance of the carnal and the soul, all these have led us to find ways to dissect and compose far beyond the fruits of nature which… Continue reading Bread — Evolution and Devolution