Green Walnut — with San Giovanni, Saint-Jean, and Sant Joan, it is Nocino, Vin de Noix, and Ratafia — in New York it is my way

In New York, New York, just like in Italy, Spain, and France, the twenty-forth of June is upon us. It is the time of the year in which humans interject nature, as they often do. Throughout the history of mankind, we have been observing our environment, and, in various instances — instead of taking the… Continue reading Green Walnut — with San Giovanni, Saint-Jean, and Sant Joan, it is Nocino, Vin de Noix, and Ratafia — in New York it is my way

The gustatory joys of separatism

Not that I am against alchemy but repeatedly I am keen on enjoying some ingredients in particular for what they are, independent of the wonderful ideas of infusing them with others. The taste and texture of broccoli, of a potato, of an onion, of garlic… in this case accompanied by some lamb.

A Mortar Animal-Noble Perspective

Our intrinsic drive for growth, understanding and preservation requires neither talent nor inspiration. It is rather an organically flowing existential process. Just as heart and lungs pump, it is our natural automatism. This is the animal us – quotidian, ordinary, simple.It may remain that simple, as we hunt, multiply and rest, with which we may… Continue reading A Mortar Animal-Noble Perspective

On Taste

On a superficial view, we may seem to differ very widely from each other in our reasonings, and no less in our pleasures: but notwithstanding this difference, which I think to be rather apparent than real, it is probable that the standard both of reason and Taste is the same in all human creatures. For… Continue reading On Taste

A Bay Leaf reinterpreted

I grew up in a Cuban-Puerto Rican household, where bay leaves are ever present, although they always seem to appear in large pots, seemingly lost, somewhat irrelevant in their unimpressive dark hues, yet resilient in maintaining their shape through hours in oils on the hearth, swimming obstructed by a variety of bones, chunks, and beans… Continue reading A Bay Leaf reinterpreted

Love Ingrained — a non blended Risotto

Love and paradise! Those are desired states for body and soul wishing to live a fulfilled and satisfied life, free of challenges, free of doubt. At least it seems to be a common sentiment amongst humans. To me, such states imply other connotations: a refined focus, lively observation, widened attention, and heightened physical and cognitive… Continue reading Love Ingrained — a non blended Risotto

The Palate Diaries — Two Problems with what is not a Cigar

Modified Puro (cigar) Recipe Ingredients: 1 ½ handful chopped Romaine lettuce 25 - 30 whole arugula (rocket, rucola) leaves20 whole and healthy spinach leaves Gum Arabic or Bermocoll (starch extracts gained from yucca/manioc and other plants, like corn, wheat, or rice Equipment/Utensils A barn or proper storing area, box, with regulated temperature and humidity Tobacco knifeWooden forms Preparation … Continue reading The Palate Diaries — Two Problems with what is not a Cigar

Fine Smoking includes some gold, the ego and a Princess

Just make sure your palate is ready, or be mentally willing and able to perceive lots of flavor. Felix AssoulineEGO GoldCountry: NicaraguaBody: Medium High to FullWrapper: Habano '98 Jalapa, NicaraguaBinder: Habano JalapaFiller: Jalapa and Ometepe NicaraguaType: Traditional RoundAshtray: Princess House