Listening to “On Intelligence: Is Reward Enough?” — a conversation on Clubhouse; watching a Yankee game, as well as Alcaraz vs. Tiafoe at the US Open semifinals, while investigating the vanilla flavor according to Häagen-Dazs

My life has never been easy. Neither has it included boredom. And it is not even my lifestyle to absorb so much at once — I am actually against it. However, yesterday and today do include multitasking.

The Palate Diaries — Two Problems with what is not a Cigar

Modified Puro (cigar) Recipe Ingredients: 1 ½ handful chopped Romaine lettuce 25 - 30 whole arugula (rocket, rucola) leaves20 whole and healthy spinach leaves Gum Arabic or Bermocoll (starch extracts gained from yucca/manioc and other plants, like corn, wheat, or rice Equipment/Utensils A barn or proper storing area, box, with regulated temperature and humidity Tobacco knifeWooden forms Preparation … Continue reading The Palate Diaries — Two Problems with what is not a Cigar