Eating towards either godside

— one may abide by the common notion that central to eating is a need to subside hunger — one may otherwise eat, not merely in order to escape starvation, or be nourished and avoid ailments but rather in pursuit of the joy in eating, in all its stages The latter goes well with either… Continue reading Eating towards either godside


That is the selfSimpleSingularMajusculeQuite a featIn the mind with the English tonguewriting it displays a highly concerted and concentrated effortIn that which I prepare to drink or eatand in how I drink or eat itIn the sounds with timing I wish to composethe words I conveyeither for poetryor conversation In the frames I freeze through… Continue reading I

45ml or Love is Chemistry or Only Love will lead to Coffee

The only thing I find odd in classical music, although I am not against the idea, is the fact that in the large spectrum of concerti, symphonies and studies, the very least of them have a title to match, carry or introduce the composed material. Titles fascinate me. Titles for paintings will at times complete… Continue reading 45ml or Love is Chemistry or Only Love will lead to Coffee

Aspiring Noble Digestion

Everyday brings impressions.Everything we intake must be digested.Every bite and every swallow, every perceived picture, every heard sound, every understood word, every recalled memory, everything is bound to bring repercussions.Intention is at the beginning, intention belongs in the end. To the animal aspiring to become noble, inspiration is everywhere —- in the kitchen, at the… Continue reading Aspiring Noble Digestion

Celebration Day — thirteen

A body in motion wants to maintain motionA body in rest wants to remain at rest Breathing mattersFood mattersThoughts matterWords matterFor the sake of motion, all matterIn acknowledgement and appreciation, mind and soul choose to maintain and promote joy, celebrating the breath of freshness we intrinsically are, the metaphysical beauty the palate reveals, the intellect… Continue reading Celebration Day — thirteen

—ing forms

eating drinking thinking singing / an introduction These constitute the mortal and immortal, physical and metaphysical, spiritual and carnal, the spheres which combined may be identified as the individual entity. They are the basic harmonious set, demonstrating the organic simplicity, and greatness in being. Eating, drinking, and sensual intake are daily apertures to joy, supporting… Continue reading —ing forms