Eating towards either godside

— one may abide by the common notion that central to eating is a need to subside hunger — one may otherwise eat, not merely in order to escape starvation, or be nourished and avoid ailments but rather in pursuit of the joy in eating, in all its stages The latter goes well with either… Continue reading Eating towards either godside

The Lord is a man of war

The conversations continue: on the one end the fervor in the heart of the believer speaks, and on the other is the mind trusting the insatiable need for knowing. Both seem sincere. But it troubles me that a belief seems to be intrinsically committed to combat. In celebration of the first classical music recording ever… Continue reading The Lord is a man of war

of god

I read flight inducing novelsreferences from her story and historyconverse with creative scientistswith devoted believerspartake of fruit juices released by treesof juices of flyers, walkers, swimmersI have struckheld backsmiled and criedhave learnedhave forgottenhave recalledhave lived aplenty, and lives aplentyOneness is all grandmajuscule grand, minuscule grandWill god ever take place?


Creativity is of the infinite spirit — the godself. Professed by any one self or claimed by others, being creative is an existential tendency of inner obligation to express the envisioned, to be persuaded to contribute to betterment, growth, elevation, purification, or acceleration and retracted observation. To create is to admit the impossibility of an… Continue reading godself