Twentieth Century Vienna Fruits

In the wake of such influential studies as Allan Janik and Stephen Toulmin's Wittgenstein's Vienna (1973) and Carl Schorske's Fin-de-siècle Vienna: Politics and Culture (1979), scholars from diverse fields have come to recognize that in the years from about 1890 to 1918 the imperial city of Vienna comprised a unique historico-cultural nexus. The fact that… Continue reading Twentieth Century Vienna Fruits


There is a joy in those things allowing us to create (or embody a thought, or turn an idea into a fruit which may bring about other fruits). There is joy in contemplating these complex or simple instruments, even in their passive state. A piano, a cello, the skin on a drum, the texture of… Continue reading Graphite

Music and Poetry

In melodies or words, a composition is amongst the purest intentionalities in accepting nothing, living under nothing, subjugating to nothing — an effort of a moment, minutes, hours or weeks, during which the composer will inhale, dissect, assemble, into something which never was, turned into a finished piece which never ends, as if avoiding death,… Continue reading Music and Poetry


Creativity is of the infinite spirit — the godself. Professed by any one self or claimed by others, being creative is an existential tendency of inner obligation to express the envisioned, to be persuaded to contribute to betterment, growth, elevation, purification, or acceleration and retracted observation. To create is to admit the impossibility of an… Continue reading godself

Coffee and French Lavender

Simplicity is not about numbers but oneness orchestrating complexity well. Purity is not about singularity, rather process. Creativity does not just imply innovation. It is a fine, attentive perception to subtleties in detail of a quotidian life. Nothing lays hidden but awaits the hungry in thought, experience, and growth. Coffee seeds and French lavender in… Continue reading Coffee and French Lavender