“I come from a humble family — and I’m proud of that” cb

It is not that I would want to impose my personal demands on life, and the desired framework for it on my fellow humans. I do, however, wonder about how we mature as humans into the usage of a language, develop an intrinsic need of expression, and aim for clarity in the individual and collective… Continue reading “I come from a humble family — and I’m proud of that” cb

Beyond language and vocabulary

Thank you, William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe! Where would I be without your poetic tongues?And Jalāl ad-Dīn Mohammad Rūmī, and Alexander Pushkin, who can be more inspiring to dive and fly in life through your cultural, and equally transcendental wordings?You all understood something beyond our physical being which has had your… Continue reading Beyond language and vocabulary


If you can’t sing, sing. If you’re happy, sing. When you are sad, sing. Whenever you are confused, sing. If you are angry, sing. If confused, sing. If you want to be in happiness, sing. Sing your heart out. Sing your mind out. Sing your insecurity out, sing your confidence out. If you wish to… Continue reading Sing

Music and Poetry

In melodies or words, a composition is amongst the purest intentionalities in accepting nothing, living under nothing, subjugating to nothing — an effort of a moment, minutes, hours or weeks, during which the composer will inhale, dissect, assemble, into something which never was, turned into a finished piece which never ends, as if avoiding death,… Continue reading Music and Poetry