“I come from a humble family — and I’m proud of that” cb

It is not that I would want to impose my personal demands on life, and the desired framework for it on my fellow humans. I do, however, wonder about how we mature as humans into the usage of a language, develop an intrinsic need of expression, and aim for clarity in the individual and collective… Continue reading “I come from a humble family — and I’m proud of that” cb

freedom, security, peace, redemption, paradise

From the myriad I have seen, about a million encountered, thousands spoken to, hundreds spoken with, and from the dozens I love, the desire seems to be freedom, toiling towards security, hoping for peace, aspiring redemption, and believing in paradise. I simply am, repeatedly finding myself in the middle of beauty

Personal Lexicon: “as days go by”

I find there to be a misunderstanding about the content packaged in days go by. Poetically there is a pleasing sound to it, or it may convey the sense of an unavoidable something, perhaps even wisdom. However, in the context of an individual development, days go in. Thankfully!

Celebration Day — six

Today started with inner peace. There was a bit of vibrancy for things on my agenda but I was experiencing a good flow in effectiveness, and pleasure alike. Then the news broke, and, within minutes, a headache manifested itself. That is something which I rarely experience yearly, in fact, it is common not to have… Continue reading Celebration Day — six

Imprisoned with tails and top hat — words from the opera on mindset

(On the Viennese New Year’s Eve of 1899, Gabriel von Eisenstein is preparing to serve an eight-day sentence, for striking a police officer.) Gabriel von Eisenstein: My friend Falke is right. I’ll go to prison in tails and a top hat, in protest. They may lock me up but they will never humiliate me! Die… Continue reading Imprisoned with tails and top hat — words from the opera on mindset

With Intent

To animal and noble alike, the more popular variation of this concept is its absence. Common is the equivocal deed, more than the unequivocal. “I’m sorry! That was not my intention” “You misunderstood me” “That is not what I meant” At the very beginning of this strange global state of pain, fright, insecurity. and seclusion,… Continue reading With Intent