Celebration Day — six

Today started with inner peace. There was a bit of vibrancy for things on my agenda but I was experiencing a good flow in effectiveness, and pleasure alike. Then the news broke, and, within minutes, a headache manifested itself. That is something which I rarely experience yearly, in fact, it is common not to have one for years. As quickly as it came, I decided to focus, so I thought: Celebrate!

Today I did not have fresh limes, nor the right tomatoes.

Indeed, this day was nothing for celebration. At the Capitol Building, as well as throughout the world, millions of individuals were tense, nervous, in tears, disgusted, and grasping for clarity, and reasons to maintain hope.

Firstly, I needed to clear my head, gather my thoughts, soothe my emotions, but also listen and think about what I need to know, grasp, or understand today, especially considering that this might be merely the beginning of what will yet transpire, perhaps escalate during these overload of difficulties humans are being forced to digest.

Yet, to nurture my body and spirit, to regain energy and focus, to support my intellectual and biological immune system, I exorcised the headache by celebrating.

One exquisite dish I have been practicing for a decade is Guacamole. By the way, take a look at my Deconstructing Guacamole, or simply follow this simple recipe, and celebrate yourself. I am certain you will find plenty of individual reasons to do so — not just today.

Recipe and preparation

In a wooden or stone mortar, grind ½ tsp of cumin seeds very fine. Once it is fine enough, add one heartless garlic clove, some salt, and create a paste. Take half of a Serrano pepper, remove the seeds and white membranes, and chop it fine. After cutting two Roma tomatoes in small to medium sized chunks, discard the excessive fluid with the help of a sieve. Chop half a red onion fairly small. Take cilantro leaves without the stem and mince them, using about one tablespoon. Add 1-2 tablespoons of lime juice. Mix all the ingredients well with a wooden spoon. Cut four avocados in quarters, peel them and integrate them with the previous mixture by folding them repeatedly, until the avocado flesh becomes chunky.
Crackers to accompany the guacamole

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