Love is out of our control

It is for this reason that for years I have avoided defining it, or, at least have refused to see it within the commonly given personified contexts. I can no longer trust societal and human habits of conceptualizing surroundings, and existence, as we succumb to language and communication by the use of single words as… Continue reading Love is out of our control

“I come from a humble family — and I’m proud of that” cb

It is not that I would want to impose my personal demands on life, and the desired framework for it on my fellow humans. I do, however, wonder about how we mature as humans into the usage of a language, develop an intrinsic need of expression, and aim for clarity in the individual and collective… Continue reading “I come from a humble family — and I’m proud of that” cb

When lips to a mind of music speak…

why speak words? Are they speaking due to their own music limits? Do they speak because they are externally asked to convey words, while they have already conveyed music? Are words explanation? Does music need wording? Is music whole through explanation? Why the needy libretto? Who needs who? Is poetry the pursuit of completion?Is the… Continue reading When lips to a mind of music speak…

Beyond language and vocabulary

Thank you, William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe! Where would I be without your poetic tongues?And Jalāl ad-Dīn Mohammad Rūmī, and Alexander Pushkin, who can be more inspiring to dive and fly in life through your cultural, and equally transcendental wordings?You all understood something beyond our physical being which has had your… Continue reading Beyond language and vocabulary

When words are mere pericarps

This in a previously unimaginable place. And writing makes its embracing somewhat inadequate. Today, and for the last couple of months, I find myself recognizing new layers to the concepts of beauty, love, friendship, the mortal (animal) and the god-thought. They all touch me whenever unspoken. And that is the troublesome moment in itself. The… Continue reading When words are mere pericarps