Beyond language and vocabulary

Thank you, William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe! Where would I be without your poetic tongues?

And Jalāl ad-Dīn Mohammad Rūmī, and Alexander Pushkin, who can be more inspiring to dive and fly in life through your cultural, and equally transcendental wordings?

You all understood something beyond our physical being which has had your spirits on the tongues of humans all throughout this globe.

And yet, have they sunk in us enough that we are capable of being, even wordless?

Beyond the thoughts I utter in word, and those I have yet to, I fail to understand being beyond my tongue — even tongues. Not just understand but suspect confidently what it is to carry and manifest this being. I dive and fly with sounds of music. I dive and fly through gustatory perception. But this being is beyond anything I am perceiving and expressing.

Reading your literary masterpieces, listening to music in its complexities and simplicity, tasting fruits, waters, and smoke, I try, not to make sense of it all but to be in a being state, rather than in one of searching, one of perpetual asking — am I here or on the way to a destination? And which one is which?

Thank you! Your words do help. They inspire. They even helped us to create the painting called transcendence. But I reckon this presence is incomplete if I abide by that which I can name in conversations.

I would now ask, not you but myself — am I to search, or am I to simply dive and fly wordless in being?

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