Listening to “On Intelligence: Is Reward Enough?” — a conversation on Clubhouse; watching a Yankee game, as well as Alcaraz vs. Tiafoe at the US Open semifinals, while investigating the vanilla flavor according to Häagen-Dazs

My life has never been easy. Neither has it included boredom. And it is not even my lifestyle to absorb so much at once — I am actually against it. However, yesterday and today do include multitasking.

Beyond language and vocabulary

Thank you, William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe! Where would I be without your poetic tongues?And Jalāl ad-Dīn Mohammad Rūmī, and Alexander Pushkin, who can be more inspiring to dive and fly in life through your cultural, and equally transcendental wordings?You all understood something beyond our physical being which has had your… Continue reading Beyond language and vocabulary

The Legacy of Edwin Fisher — a conversation with musicologist and philosopher Vlad Vexler

You are herewith welcome to join a conversation about the pianist, conductor Edwin Fisher. In celebration of his birth — October 6 1886 — we will speak about the essence of music, and the importance of interpretation. Come to the Pianos, Hammers and Keys Club, and join the conversation, on Clubhouse — October 6 at… Continue reading The Legacy of Edwin Fisher — a conversation with musicologist and philosopher Vlad Vexler

What does being touched mean? What is touched?

We met at a train station. Just one passing another by. We began a short conversation but one that brought our being in life straight up to a deep surface. My train arrived but she succeeded in something that the modern world does not achieve, by flipping out a business card out of nowhere —… Continue reading What does being touched mean? What is touched?

In joy and duty of the little we know

Clubhouse Notes Room: “Which tools are missing in how we activate knowledge?”Moderators: Ni’coel Stark, Deborah ChiDate: June 19 2021 Understand the reason for acquiring knowledge — to be sharedBe creative in sharing knowledge effectivelyPut it on the table, play with it, visibly (e.g. in conversation)