Cha An Teahouse — Japan in New York City

Today I walked to one of the most wonderful cities in the world. After taking the #6 train to 'Little Tokyo', I walked east out of the Astor Place station, up to 9th Street, and within minutes found myself in front of Cha An. This teahouse is in an area where Japanese restaurants, shops, tea… Continue reading Cha An Teahouse — Japan in New York City

Tea, Coffee, and Tobacco leaves

Tea and coffee are connected by the caffeine protecting their plants. In their spirit, the cultures dancing around them, in their way of comforting the drinker, even with their spoons, they differ from each other. Where coffee grows, people dance lively and walk decisively. Where tea grows, there is transcendental tranquility, even in the walking… Continue reading Tea, Coffee, and Tobacco leaves