Asking a friend with experience and knowledge on fields of investment, where would he suggest a person to focus who has never invested before, he quickly answered: “Invest in yourself” Weeks ago I heard from another friend: “There is no self” I am now left with the further expansion of being, allowing more to be… Continue reading Self

The Life You Give: Edgard Varèse *1883

Edgard Varèse, born Edgar Varèse on Dec. 22, 1883, in Paris, France, was a composer and innovator in 20th-century techniques of sound production.Varèse spent his boyhood in Paris, Burgundy, and Turin, Italy. After composing without formal instruction as a youth, he later studied under Vincent d’Indy, Albert Roussel, and Charles Widor and was strongly encouraged… Continue reading The Life You Give: Edgard Varèse *1883

“The Human Crisis” — lecture by Albert Camus, in New York, on March 28 1946

Ladies and Gentlemen: when I was invited to give a series of lectures in the United States of America, I felt some doubt and hesitation. I am really not old enough to give lectures, and I am more at ease with the process of thinking than I am making categorical statements... since I don’t feel… Continue reading “The Human Crisis” — lecture by Albert Camus, in New York, on March 28 1946