In Conversation

If love is an inherent draw towards All (as I am convinced it is), and a need of joy in belonging, far beyond physicalities may be conceived; if love is merely our inner compass for balance, while guiding us towards All, then it may be said that our duty within self, and towards All is inevitable in each human. In the sphere of cognitive intelligence, of emotional intelligence, of creativity, and of serving, every individual is in essence the duty to serve and the love towards all served intertwined.

l: “depth” and “duty”?

I understand depth as deep in essence, far beyond physicals.
Duty, or responsibility, is very tightly connected to love as I understand it —- the general attraction within each being towards All, the natural need to belong and contribute to the whole —— and this responsibility must at some point become self-evident to each being. As much as humans continue to detach themselves from natural life culturally, that sense of responsibility should help us in our decisions each step, based on a simple question that should have a gentle tone but also a complex and intellectual pondering — am I building? am I destructing?

l: “Depth is a growth that has no end.”

I am not really interested in “ends”, so I am not interested in their absence either. The central matter is the present being —— being able to discern a number of details within the transpired life, while being conscientious about the repercussions to come from the present, and the next steps. More and more, the present is about actively being a part of the buildings which inevitably come.

l: “Duty in your understanding is dedication, a way to live and a deliberate life choice. To put it in one word, it’s love.
Love is not an emotion, it is not getting pleasure. Love is overcoming oneself,…”

Yes! And Yes!
In my understanding, love is BEING one self as part of the whole, and for the benefit of the whole and one’s individual being.

l: “…and for accepting a part of another person into oneself. And the more a person expands during his life, reaching depth, loving others who are different from himself, the wider he becomes. The more life and energy he passes through himself.”

I can not disagree with that.

l: “Man himself is nothing. Life happens through the transfer of energy. The more energy he transfers, the more alive he feels in himself. In order for the energy to pass, you need to receive it in one place and give it away in another place. If energy does not pass through a person, then he feels exhausted and inanimate.”

Man is great in its insignificance and magnificent in its smallness.
And, yes, energy needs to flow, physically and otherwise.

l: “When we have enough love, we don’t want anything for ourselves, we are fine as it is. And then we can do something for others and be useful to them. Next to a person full of love, everything comes to life and he himself is alive. He loves not those who are good, but those who need love.”

Love is not quantitative. The way a person is and lives, the way it deals with life individually, and the way it imparts love, depends on willingness or ability to do so. A frustrated person might be disturbed by circumstances, and as a result may retaliate. There I see that the discomfort has trumped love but love is still there. Not love increases and diminishes but rather the circumstances allow it full blooming or obstruct it’s breathing.

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