Asking a friend with experience and knowledge on fields of investment, where would he suggest a person to focus who has never invested before, he quickly answered: “Invest in yourself” Weeks ago I heard from another friend: “There is no self” I am now left with the further expansion of being, allowing more to be… Continue reading Self

There is the Human, and there is the Self

There is the human spirit - resiliance - perseverance - love - inclusion - survival a common intrinsic energy, from all directions, and in all directions. And there is the self - with an edge - imagining outside the box - with inner joy - with inner want - with inner universes - each potentially… Continue reading There is the Human, and there is the Self

On the ego

i like writing the i small being friendly with the naked image of myself in the mirror balancing well between impressions and expressions being comfortable with spaces of insecurity differentiating between surviving and being, as the presence of the self is much less about protection, and more about growth, with a single purpose: to serve… Continue reading On the ego

Best and Worst

In all humility possible, it is psychology what has turned out to be the worst unwrapping we humans have propelled. So much has come afloat that might have needed to stay under wraps. Surrealism, on the other hand, might be one of the best forms of expression that we have developed. Art, humor, criticism, macabre,… Continue reading Best and Worst


Creativity is of the infinite spirit — the godself. Professed by any one self or claimed by others, being creative is an existential tendency of inner obligation to express the envisioned, to be persuaded to contribute to betterment, growth, elevation, purification, or acceleration and retracted observation. To create is to admit the impossibility of an… Continue reading godself