That is the selfSimpleSingularMajusculeQuite a featIn the mind with the English tonguewriting it displays a highly concerted and concentrated effortIn that which I prepare to drink or eatand in how I drink or eat itIn the sounds with timing I wish to composethe words I conveyeither for poetryor conversation In the frames I freeze through… Continue reading I

Sweetbread and Coffee

Breakfast seems to be intrinsic animal behavior but colored by culture and class. Some are light, some hearty, some cold, some hot, some simple, others require labor. Today I treated myself to the joy of working for mine. Sweetbread with star anise, cloves, rose petals, and vanilla. The coffee was the usual daily labor of… Continue reading Sweetbread and Coffee

There is the Human, and there is the Self

There is the human spirit - resiliance - perseverance - love - inclusion - survival a common intrinsic energy, from all directions, and in all directions. And there is the self - with an edge - imagining outside the box - with inner joy - with inner want - with inner universes - each potentially… Continue reading There is the Human, and there is the Self