Occurrences in the Self of an auto-portrait

One may utter a long list or a single point, when asked about the essence of the self, or about the naked self, or the projection of self. And, just like in singing and speaking one hears not what the room acoustically gives but rather how one owns body lets one hear, one may ask… Continue reading Occurrences in the Self of an auto-portrait


That is the selfSimpleSingularMajusculeQuite a featIn the mind with the English tonguewriting it displays a highly concerted and concentrated effortIn that which I prepare to drink or eatand in how I drink or eat itIn the sounds with timing I wish to composethe words I conveyeither for poetryor conversation In the frames I freeze through… Continue reading I


...found a mirror. Confide, I thought, and I did. It’s a fragile concept. Not that glass breaks — and reflections are of denser surface than mirroring glass — but viewing the self in the flesh, not in vain for vanity but in contemplation, does awake an odd sense of seldom auto perception which conveys much… Continue reading Mirror