…found a mirror. Confide, I thought, and I did.

It’s a fragile concept. Not that glass breaks — and reflections are of denser surface than mirroring glass — but viewing the self in the flesh, not in vain for vanity but in contemplation, does awake an odd sense of seldom auto perception which conveys much inner fragility at times.

That an artificial glass construction breaks is not fragility, neither is its limited spatial angle of reflection, nor that a lake will mirror in dispersion, fractal, or faintly.

It is a fragile concept due to our subjective abilities and inabilities being too intertwined to truly let us find the self in reflection. And yet, reflections are omnipresent, often thrown in sudden flashes at beasts and humans alike. They are need, wonder, and luxury, becoming a vessel, a vase, a water fountain, a table, a blanket, a goddess, a challenge or a challenger, to soul, body or mind, susceptible to be tamed or tempered.

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