A lesson on choosing lessons

The flower beauty of the catalpa tree is very short-lived. Shiny cherry-like, nut-like buds come to shine, just before the popcorn-like blossoms are popped, exposing within a couple of days the inner side of the previously inwardly folded petals. Once the flower opens up, one can clearly understand by the shape of the petals, why… Continue reading A lesson on choosing lessons

freedom, security, peace, redemption, paradise

From the myriad I have seen, about a million encountered, thousands spoken to, hundreds spoken with, and from the dozens I love, the desire seems to be freedom, toiling towards security, hoping for peace, aspiring redemption, and believing in paradise. I simply am, repeatedly finding myself in the middle of beauty

Takes on “beauty”

I - the attractive color of a ripe papaya, and the structure of the seeds, as well as the contrast the fruit displays within itselfII - the green of cilantro —- a color which does not achieve much attraction, although it is a “beautiful” sight on its own III - the joint placement of two… Continue reading Takes on “beauty”

Behold. Question.

Within much of what I have been, and amongst plenty of what I have seen, beauty has soothed me. Again, and again, it has explained surface and essence of things, and of non-things, to the point of manifestations in mild but deep rooted lip movements which are much more than smiles.To the eye, beauty has… Continue reading Behold. Question.


Out of the mouths of many beings in transition — coming out of their hearts or out of their intellect — I hear that surrendering happens in the moment of doubt, tribulation, in the face of difficulties. This notion makes me doubt two things: —- that acceptance, surrendering, or giving in completely onto life, is… Continue reading Surrender

A Beautiful Mind

I am currently admiring such one. It lives in a body that freezes frames of a simple life — taxidermy, family in the garden, cooking, gentle and subtle singing with guitar, yoga sessions — all simplicity. Such mind can share simple signs only because it is one of deep complexity. Beauty might just be what… Continue reading A Beautiful Mind

On Ugly Relatives

If beauty is relative to the beholder’s eye, where is the ugly held? Nature beholds beauty — aesthetics, at the very least. It is beauty that attracts, to pair and sustain, whichever species, with a longer tail, a mane, a crown, a walk.  The art world promotes the beauty and the ugly. One the one… Continue reading On Ugly Relatives

Wardrobe and Wear — Lifestyle has a Life Source

Wisdom applied, books are not to be judged by the cover. With humans in garments we tend to ignore our wisdom, possibly because the variety in well-grounded as well as misguided ideas building a wardrobe is vast, and because not every morning comes with clarity in self awareness, much less with an understanding of how… Continue reading Wardrobe and Wear — Lifestyle has a Life Source