Medicine with a mild Blueberry sweetness added

Avocado is an elegant base. Elegant in taste, nothing explosive to the palate. It is specific in flavor, yet mild. Beyond matters of flavor, it is understood as nutritionally rich, with healthy fats, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.All this gets a boost with garlic. This aggressive natural compound of flavor and medicinal properties has been… Continue reading Medicine with a mild Blueberry sweetness added

Marrying vs. Separating

As much as balanced mixtures are a joy, and the world of herbs and spices has been proving it for centuries, I rejoice again and again in tasting separately for what each ingredient is. Cutting minimally some products which are meant to be providers of flavor, more than being themselves, continues to be a delightful… Continue reading Marrying vs. Separating


Counting an average of 20,000-25,000 breaths daily, leading to an average of seven to nine million yearly, the thought of breathing touches me deeply, for it is, in its simplicity and complexity, much more than physical stability and health. As a physically dependent being, as an emotional entity, as a slave to creativity, being, here… Continue reading Breath

The Surreal Suppers — India, Music, Food, Health (part one)

India — Music, Food, Health was the third episode of the Surreal Suppers, an ongoing series in the Aristipposian Poet club on the Clubhouse app.The AP club was formed to promote a variety of activities that are to focus on the importance of humans serving humanity through the noble act of being hospitable by sharing… Continue reading The Surreal Suppers — India, Music, Food, Health (part one)

Celebrate, do not Subside (an event on Clubhouse)

It is boiling within me; it is what sharpens my tongue, ears, memory, vision; it is what propels me to create — daily. Which is the mindset that carries us into deciding where to buy edibles, which to buy, how to prepare them, and how to eat them? Today I will be discussing these views… Continue reading Celebrate, do not Subside (an event on Clubhouse)