Separatist Meal (Chickpeas)

Focus has been comfortably a thing of mine — not as a concept one reasons into place, rather a mindset that apparently naturally finds itself in a center.This “separatism” can be seen as an aesthetic but also spiritual exercise aimed at displaying focus, and auto-feeding from it.These chickpeas were soaked overnight, and slow-cooked with a… Continue reading Separatist Meal (Chickpeas)


I suspect there is a level of being overwhelmed by the thought of painting on a canvas which leads me to using cameras. Similarly there may be some level of bravery in living life which relaxes me, and persuades me increasingly to write as purely as possible — pure of mind in depth, and pure… Continue reading Manufaktum

The Human

For the human, everywhere is a stage. On a stage, one is to share stories, rather than instruct, rather than show. The story told — in its beauty and its madness — needs to be understood by the teller, before  addressing the listener in its own story. Storytelling wants a communicator that feels the depth… Continue reading The Human