A complex simplicity in reference to childhood memories on taste

A spiritual and intellectual approach to eating has been a focus as of late. This approach is by no means a new phase but rather a zooming-in by way of reduction being dramatically intensified — more singularity per dish, as opposed to a variety of up to five items on a plate, and items being… Continue reading A complex simplicity in reference to childhood memories on taste

Separatist Meal (Chickpeas)

Focus has been comfortably a thing of mine — not as a concept one reasons into place, rather a mindset that apparently naturally finds itself in a center.This “separatism” can be seen as an aesthetic but also spiritual exercise aimed at displaying focus, and auto-feeding from it.These chickpeas were soaked overnight, and slow-cooked with a… Continue reading Separatist Meal (Chickpeas)

Hummus — himmas kassa, part #2

There is a special physical and spiritual state which arises when an experience occurs through the palate, while the mind finds a romantic bind to the past. Call it joy. Looking to experiment, and build on that state, today I continue to the next step in the process of making a hummus, based on an… Continue reading Hummus — himmas kassa, part #2

A True Hummus Story

A tiny, feather light, light blue, whitePaper, cotton, or plasticI did not knowI did know, it did not belong.With one hand I lifted some chickpeas, thinkingI’ll blow it gentlyOne thought led to another:Ludwig van Beethoven counting sixty coffee seedsas his measure for a cup of coffeeand as chickpeas and others replaced itwhen King and Church… Continue reading A True Hummus Story