A complex simplicity in reference to childhood memories on taste

A spiritual and intellectual approach to eating has been a focus as of late. This approach is by no means a new phase but rather a zooming-in by way of reduction being dramatically intensified — more singularity per dish, as opposed to a variety of up to five items on a plate, and items being… Continue reading A complex simplicity in reference to childhood memories on taste

Childhood outside the box

Somewhat obscure, cloudy, is the childhood memory of a sweet dish which was always served in accompaniment, never as a piece for focus. The inner skin of grapefruits (oranges or limes, too) would be cocked for hours with spices and sugar, until it became syrup. Another memory is of a more common, children’s joy, namely,… Continue reading Childhood outside the box

An updated childhood memory

Olive oil, pumpkin seed oil, and garlic. A common childhood breakfast was a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, some minced or chopped garlic, and whole wheat toast dipped on it. In Vienna I discovered great coffee, great pastries, great opera, great humor, great wine, and the absolutely amazing pumpkin seed oil from the Styria… Continue reading An updated childhood memory