The Human

For the human, everywhere is a stage.

On a stage, one is to share stories, rather than instruct, rather than show.

The story told — in its beauty and its madness — needs to be understood by the teller, before  addressing the listener in its own story.

Storytelling wants a communicator that feels the depth of a topic, thinks the depth of a topic, one that is willing to dissect the topic, and loves the spectrum of the given topic.

This means that the ability to lift the listener, demands a deep conviction of one’s responsibility as a communicator.

I like to think that we all are avatars, so we all need to reach a place where we communicate well — musicians,, physicians, theologians, parents,

In communicating, I am always reaching a majority. This view allows me to communicate humbly, and thus do it in a simple manner, and slowly.

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