Wiener Schmäh, the mindset

Once more, this morning I sensed that impulse in the mindset of freezing frames, commonly known as photographing. Simultaneously, I was overwhelmed by the thought of delighting in the air of the city of Vienna. Not precisely to relive what the Viennese take pleasure in with their palate but rather to set myself in their… Continue reading Wiener Schmäh, the mindset

Reduction, expansion, fragility, and protection

This thing we call life is just a live-performance. It is not one reality, for we go through only one version of it — the individual one. An instruction booklet to life can not be printed, not ahead of birth, not during the performance, not while getting off the stage. The first couple of years… Continue reading Reduction, expansion, fragility, and protection

Is joy the chicken or the egg? (A gentle reiteration on the question on a question)

“Life is suffering, and we spend our lives looking for happiness.” This was her expressed view during our conversation. Is it not fair to say that life is pleasure, happiness, joy, and we erroneously spend energy and passion in search of suffering? — Notes on a Clubhouse conversation

Joy from the Past

When an experience occurs through the palate, a unique physical and spiritual state will arise. It will sensitize memories into references of the present, and transport one back to the past. Subsequently, some otherwise unreachable memories may leave oblivion. After all, what is the organic and biological sense of memory storage, if there are no… Continue reading Joy from the Past

Celebration Day — nineteen

Joy. That is, perhaps, the true beginning of hedonism, as Aristippos intended it — a state which is truly there to elevate the spirit. Joy has deep roots, and long, bushy branches. Joy encompasses smiles and tears alike. On a given Wednesday, my daughter crossed the Atlantic to be with my father. He had tears… Continue reading Celebration Day — nineteen

Love, Tears

Love flowsFree of direction, free of tempo, free of shapeIn invisible perpetuity of dynamicsNot towards the pictured beauty but in radiation and attraction And the soul settles, grows, vibratesCarried, lifted cloud-like off the groundBeing wherever one has beenLanding where one has never beenAgain, and again, tears are an inner smileBalancing want into peacefully yearning joyWanting… Continue reading Love, Tears

Celebration Day — eight

This celebration spree is by no means the beginning of my festive life. For decades I have been pointing to the importance of focused dwelling, and that is in itself a celebratory approach. One of the main ingredients that have been central to my palate joy, on my quest for pleasure and holistic nourishment, is… Continue reading Celebration Day — eight

Joy is a Secret

Joy is... A secret Repercussions out of deep root systems, reaching underground to the opposing pole, and far above, leaves, incessantly flying into the stratosphere Danger sizzling It is the physical and metaphysical space which we would recognize in paintings depicting heaven or paradise, even if we did not know of any heavenly or paradisial… Continue reading Joy is a Secret

Love in the Times of Corona

(and I do hope that Gabriel García Márquez will excuse the misquotation) Wash your hands / keep social distance / wear a mask / don’t make me wear a mask / protest rulings / inject bleach / take hydroxychloroquine / wait for vaccines / don’t ever make me take a vaccine ... It saddens me… Continue reading Love in the Times of Corona