Languid to Love

Languid are these men.

It is in their nature, in their cultural molds of pride, in their balsam baths of faith which relax hair, bone, and soul, some being anointed the very first days with holy water. It is in their social frame, be it high, or peasantry, blue in blood, or in collar, where they are to abide by the imposed current.

Languid, where may they obtain the energy, inspiration, clarity, and the proper context that allows the essence of love to be fathomed, absorbed, buccally and mentally dissolved, so that the four letter word may not need to be found in dictionaries, and never have to be contrived by need, duty, gender, commitment, senses, or joys but by getting wet and swimming in rivers, lakes, and oceans, mood free, gently smiling, just being love?

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