The Fig — a miniature constant

A ficus carica is a plant that carries the fruit known as the common fig.

In the History of our civilizations, it was one of the earlier fruit trees to be cultivated. To humankind, its leaves may have served as the very first bikini.

Ficus carica Linnaeus

Long ago, before being considered the poor man’s food, about seventy percent of the fruit’s water would be extracted, thus becoming an excellent dry fruit contribution to the trail mix. The same that nourished those traveling the Silk Road for well over twenty centuries, transporting silk and other goods, as well as religion and plagues — from China, through Persia and Africa, to Rome.

It is rich in calcium, potassium, and iron. And it is a delight, garden fresh, or dried.

I like conserving it.

Figs with spices, in vodka.

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